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A hypnotists de stress secret revealed

Hypnotist Reveals a Secret Used to De Stress Clients This simple technique is used by hypnotists all over the world to assist clients induce a relaxed trance state and a relaxed trance state is a great way to de stress. … Continue reading

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The Assertiveness Ladder

Assertiveness shows control and self belief. This work has been added to the reading because it will enable most readers to instantly apply the assertiveness ladder principles in their daily lives.  Assertiveness does not require aggression or mean aggression.  Assertiveness … Continue reading

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How To DeStress - Your Mental Organiser

How to destress by “Relaxing with a Mental Organiser” How to destress and take control with a  5 minute personal daily plan and strategy. (Also read this) Do you have a word or saying you use when you are under … Continue reading

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8 Easy Ways to Relax Before Bed

Most of the time it's because you aren't adequately relaxed enough to fall asleep and to sleep well. Continue reading

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation [PMR] is a relaxation technique of stress management developed by American physician Edmund Jacobson in 1934. This progressive muscle relaxation technique is focused on tensing and releasing tensions in the 16 different muscle groups. Jacobson reasoned that since muscular tension is usually followed as a by product of anxiety, one can lower and reduce anxiety by understanding and learning how to self relax those muscular tension. (McCallie et al., 2006) Continue reading

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Relaxation Therapy For Depression And Relaxation Techniques And Relaxation Exercises Benefits

The overall aim of relaxation is to de-stress the body and mind. It is significant for health to study how to live without suffering and worry and is a chiefly good means of relieving anxiety hence why it is optional to those suffering from psychological disorders. Many people whom live with stable anxiety do not know how to relax and can find trying to relax a demanding knowledge as they go on to worry about the time tired or do not have the skills to free their mind of all opinion and their b Continue reading

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Feeling stressed out, worn out by fatigue or just simply having a miserable day? The best thing to do is relax

This article has come from our website http://www.wakeupandbreathe.com One of the ways we combat stress is using our 5 minute a day exercise program Continue reading

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Rhythmical effect of mind relaxation in body

There is nothing like rest to recharge with energy the body wearied from day-long hustle. It is the welcome tonic that invigorates the spent nerves, the much sought-for balm that restores peace of mind. The rest is meat for the hungry, drink for the thirsty, heat for the cold and cold for the heat. We need rest for the body and sleep for the mind. The map who through relaxation frees himself from physical tension is more efficient. More cheerful and more successful in life than the man who gets Continue reading

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Deep Field Relaxation

Here is a copy of a recent article (Tuesday, 28 July 2009) in the English newspaper “The Independent” which helps explain in scientific terms why Clif's 30 plus years of developing the practice of Deep Field Relaxation works so well. Continue reading

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Let the Way of Zen Teach You How to Relax

The way of Zen shows you how to relax. We are living in a stressful world because our minds are preoccupied with thoughts of the past, such as memories of good and bad experiences, as well as thoughts of the future, such as worries. Zen living is to embrace all that life offers, whether they are good or bad experiences, and live in the present to the fullest, doing your very best without anticipating the outcome. Continue reading

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