Relaxation - How To De Stress Key Is Productive Activity

A Key Relaxation and How To De Stress Element Is To Participate In Productive Activities


How To De Stress to a Relaxation Lifestyle Through Hard Work

A real example of relaxation and the power of how to de stress through leading a productive and generous life was set before me last week.

I attended the funeral of an extremely well loved and productive man.  While I did not know him as well as I would have liked I was aware of the fondness his local community had for him and the service he provided to them and his profession.

During the service I became more aware of the ‘busi-ness’ of his life and was astounded what he managed to achieve and how at all times he presented a relaxed and stress free life.  His profession was one in which stress, for most in it, is a daily and expected attribute.  He certainly knew how to de stress life and his professional activities.

I do not think he would have seen anything in his service to the community as a chore or anything other than a way to help others lead a better healthier life.  This was a case of a man who did what he loved and ‘never worked a day in his life’  because he thoroughly enjoyed his family, his professional life and his community service.

Organisation can deliver relaxation

I’m sure a key to his life was his ability to see what had to be done coupled with his ability to act on the important things.

What enables one person to lead a life that is such a great example to the rest of us?

I suggest, looking at his life, that these are some of the characteristics we should all aspire to hold-

relaxation and how to de stress

Relaxation - Love What You Do

  • humility
  • clear values
  • clear beliefs
  • gratitude
  • thankfulness
  • generosity
  • kindness
  • forgiveness
  • acceptance of others
  • clear vision
  • knowing oneself
  • self discipline
  • organisation
  • prosperous outlook
  • selflessness
  • awareness
  • service to others

I look at that list and am reminded of the teachings and basis of the religious texts I have read from a number of the major streams of religion.  I am reminded of people who have done wonderful things for the world or their local community or both.

I see joy and satisfaction and a desire to do more in the lives of those I am reminded of.

Perhaps you too can allow your mind to remind you of people who displayed these qualities.

They innately knew how to de stress and perform at their best

When you and I look at their lives it seems they were too busy to suffer from stress.  When and if they did they channelled that energy into productive pursuits.

Channelling that energy into productive service pursuits is surely a lesson in how to de stress your life too.

Relaxation and how to de-stress seem at odds with leading a busy and productive lifestyle.  It does however seem to me to be a significant key to relief of stress and living a relaxed life.

It is clear to me that this special man lived a life with minimal stress and one of relaxation by channelling stressful energy into his productive pursuits while engaged in a profession that was both demanding physically, psychologically and mentally.

Here is an example of how you can lead a life of happiness, relaxation and minimal stress by being busy doing what you love resulting in relaxation and a naturally de stress lifestyle.

I clearly see he was a man who was satisfied and relaxed because he lived his life in the ‘flow‘  where he was both challenged and was required to use a high level of skill.  Both these attributes were evident in his life.

I now know that being engaged in one’s life is a key element in how to de stress your life .

Energy flows through all of us and you get to choose how to use that energy.

That is one of the reasons I developed my interest in hypnosis and NLP.  These tools can help you take charge of your life and live a life that naturally relieves you of stress enabling you to work in a state of relaxation.   If you want to know more about this visit ProfiTrain or Hypnosis with Chris

About this man

I haven’t told you his name as that is something that he would not have wanted.  He led a life in which he did not seek recognition.   I also respect his family’s wishes that he be remembered as he lived his life – serving others for their benefit not his.

He was a medical practitioner of the traditional mold, still serving his patients well into his eighties and until he retired he continued to make house calls.

He was publicly recognised and  rewarded with an OAM (Order of Australia Medal) for his work.

His resume filled with medical and community service accomplishments make many other successful people’s look paltry.   He lived his life according to his choices and marched to the beat of his own drum.

His was a life that showed what can be possible with the right application of personal resources.  A wonderful model for others to follow.

Discover how to de stress and achieve relaxation through work you love

You don’t have to love your job but you do need to love what you do.

If you think you have a boring mundane unpleasant job then ask yourself who, in the wider community, benefits from your efforts.

This will often allow you to reappraise the value of your work and the satisfaction you gain from it.

For example a kitchen hand whose duties include washing up is really saving lives by reducing the chances of passing on diseases or contaminating food every time the washing up is done properly.

You may find some helpful information on achieving some of what you have read about above in an earlier post about relaxing your mental organiser and there you will discover more tips on how to de stress.

If you have any stories about people you know who have lead a life of relaxation without the need to know how to de stress then share them here.


P.S. Ensure you are the driver of ‘your bus’ in life. Conscious awareness of your thoughts and actions is an important aspect in how to de stress and achieve relaxation in your life.

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