Relaxation Therapy For Depression And Relaxation Techniques And Relaxation Exercises Benefits

The overall aim of relaxation is to de-stress the body and mind.

It is significant for health to study how to live without suffering and worry and is a chiefly good means of relieving anxiety hence why it is optional to those suffering from psychological disorders.

Many people whom live with stable anxiety do not know how to relax and can find trying to relax a demanding knowledge as they go on to worry about the time tired or do not have the skills to free their mind of all opinion and their body of all tension.

The background of recreation therapy reaches back thousands of years.

Meditation and guided make-believe has been used in ancient civilization to help focus the mind and reduce worry and stress.

In its modern form, it is a fairly new treatment that is only beginning to gain acceptance from health professionals.

The absence of any real scientific evidence prevent some health professionals from bearing in mind it a serious treatment. Continue reading

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Feeling stressed out, worn out by fatigue or just simply having a miserable day? The best thing to do is relax

Stress is the curse of living in modern times. Everyone suffers from stress. And the stress we suffer takes a heavy toll on our bodies, emotions and minds.

Feeling stressed out, worn out by fatigue or just simply having a miserable day, the best thing to do is relax.

Watching television may be a form of relaxation for some, but is not a recommended method by experts. When we watch TV we are bombarded with commercials, ads, sounds and images. So how do we achieve relaxation? If there are thousands of ways we can get stressed, one of them is not meeting deadlines, there are also many ways we can relax.

In recent studies, experts have determined that heart disease is linked to anger and irritability is linked to mental stress. Too much stress brings about ischemia that can lead to or cause a heart attack. Relaxation takes on added importance in light of this matter. Managing your anger and attitude is significant to heart health, and relaxation can help you manage stress. Continue reading

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Rhythmical effect of mind relaxation in body

Here are some certain advices:

Learn to relax. Relax the mind especially by cultivating a sense of humour. Do not meet life with a tense mind. You have not mastered the art of living till you have learned to play with life, to let your energies run freely and easily in meeting its demands. Fix a time when you drop business cares, and keep to it. Scientists have been studying the effect of laughter on human beings and have found that it has a profound and instantaneous effect on virtually every important organ in the human body.

Laughter reduces health-sapping tensions relaxes the tissues and exercises the most vital organs. It is said that laughter even when forced results in a beneficial effect on us both mentally and physically. Next time you feel nervous and jittery, indulge in a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for a long and happy life. He, who laughs, lasts long.

By you organizing our work and our time table we can organize  our mind also, when you organize your mind  a sense of power will come to you, and you will soon wonder at the ease with which you can handle responsibilities. Your capacity for work will increase, so it  will pleasure you, in what you are doing. Continue reading

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Deep Field Relaxation

Relax Your Way to Perfect Health


Cutting-edge scientific research now proves what the yogis have always known: deep relaxation can have a profound effect on a wide range of medical conditions. Anastasia Stephens reports  By Anastasia Stephens / Source: The Independent UK

It’s a piece of advice that yogis have given for thousands of years: take a deep breath and relax. Watch the tension melt from your muscles and all your niggling worries vanish. Somehow we all know that relaxation is good for us. Now the hard science has caught up – for a comprehensive scientific study showing that deep relaxation changes our bodies on a genetic level has just been published. Continue reading

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Let the Way of Zen Teach You How to Relax

Copyright (c) 2011 Stephen Lau

Nowadays, relaxation is a luxury. People simply don’t have time to relax, and, worse, they simply don’t know how to relax. But relaxation is a simple matter: you simply relax.

If it were that simple, then how is it that people cannot relax. There is a simple explanation: Modern living is stressful, resulting in all sorts of stress-related health problems, such as anxiety attacks, depression, indigestion, and migraine headaches, among others. Indeed. stress is a complex problem involving the body’s natural response to increased mental tension, which is a by-product of modern living. Knowing how to relax is the only solution to this complex body-mind problem of everyday living.

But “how” to relax?

Going to the gym or jogging for half-an-hour may not de-stress you. Quite the contrary, excess physical exertion may result in undue physical stress on the body and thus the mind as well. It is also a misconception that taking a vacation may relax you. Not necessarily: a vacation may give you different types of hassles, such as hotel booking, traveling, and so on; if it happens to be a busman’s holiday, one in which you have to work on your computer, it is not relaxation by any stretch of imagination. Relaxation has to do with the mind, not the body—and certainly not the location. Irrespective of where you are, you can relax if your mind is relaxed; by the same token, if your mind is ill at ease, a change of enviornment may not relax you. So, it is all in the mind. As the English poet Milton says in Paradise Lost: “you can make heaven of hell, or hell of heaven”—it is in your mind, and it is just that simple.. Continue reading

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Newage Relaxation Techniques on Stress Management

We all know how unpleasant excessive stress can be. We also know the feeling of sickness in our stomach before an important performance, and the intense ‘fight-or-flight’ reaction we get when we face frustration after frustration.

In this society where challenges have to be met and limits to be broken all the time, there are just too many stresses which one had to handle & faced, be it student who faces stress at school work & during exam period or the working adult who had to meet the demands of never ending workload & unrealistic deadlines. Relaxation techniques become a marvelous way to help in the quest for stress management. Continue reading

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