Awareness and Presence

Truth and Life comes from Awareness and Presence

With awareness of self and presence in each moment of every day there is a tremendous gift to be taken by you everyday from the universe.

It is the gift of a full life.

A life lived in the shadows of the sub-conscious is a life missed.

A life lived without awareness and by not being present is one likely to be filled with unnecessary stress.

You can choose to exist on auto-pilot without conscious awareness and presence in your activities and this unfortunately will rob you of your life, it’s joys, it’s pains, it’s pleasures and it’s revelations on both the physical plane and spiritually.

Without awareness of self you cannot experience the full fruits of your existence.

What is awareness?

For the purpose of this article awareness means maintaining a conscious understanding and appreciation of your thoughts and sensations and your reactions to the situation you are in.

This doe not happen naturally as your subconscious usually takes control of many of these functions.  You will be amazed at the changes in your life as you strengthen your awareness muscles and the increased control you have over your life and the outcomes you seek.

Without presence in all situations you cannot share and appreciate each moment.

What is presence?

For our purpose presence means maintaining a conscious appreciation of your  environment and your interactions with those in it.  Once again this takes some practice and training and it doesn’t take long to realize that by “being somewhere else” you have missed a lot of opportunities in life.

The story of a single Dad

After the loss of his wife he was left to raise his young children and at the same time was working on building his career.

He would go to work in the mornings and allow his awareness to wander and his presence to move to where his children were.  He was existing in a world that he had no control and influence over.  While at work he spent a considerable amount of time concerned for his children’s well being.

As you can imagine his career path was significantly affected by his constant attention to matters outside his control while he was working.

Every evening he’d return home and relieved to be in the same place as his children he’d focus his awareness on what he’d not done at work.  This led to a loss of presence with his children and the home environment.

You have probably realized,  faster than he did, that this was a life growing in frustration and a lack of satisfaction.  He just knew inside himself that he was letting down both his children and his employer.   How could he fix it?  He did not know.

There was a simple solution.  He didn’t know what it was until many years later and after much stressful personal turmoil and anguish.

If you were to ask him today what he should have done he’d quickly say –

“Be aware and be present in the environment in which you are.  Don’t allow your presence to drift to another place and time and waste your energies on either the past or the future.  There is a time for memories; a time for dreams and plans; but, and it’s a big but, there is only now in your life and that’s where your focus should be; now is the only life you have for everything else exists only as memories or dreams in your mind”.

It’s a truism to say “better late than never” but his is a life that would have run a different course if he’d learned and understood how to live with awareness and presence much earlier.

Everyone is faced with stressful choices in life.  The stress will be significantly reduced by living in the present and being aware of what you are doing at that time and place.

Life with Awareness and Presence

Be Present and Be Aware - Live Life

There is a small blog at tumblr, It’s like this,  which is worth a read and I highly recommend it.

Please feel free to contact Chris if you’d like some assistance in this area.  He has been through this process, has tools to help you, can provide guidance though hypnosis and advice of reference materials and other techniques.

You can live a life of richness when you live it with awareness and in full presence.

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