A hypnotists de stress secret revealed

Hypnotist Reveals a Secret Used to De Stress Clients

This simple technique is used by hypnotists all over the world to assist clients induce a relaxed trance state and a relaxed trance state is a great way to de stress.

Stress is a state of mind that brings with it great benefits and also serious consequences.

de stress with hypnosis relaxation

I'm relaxed. RU?

Stress is a lifesaver when it occurs at appropriate moments in life –

  • when your life is threatened stress provides the needed impetus to save yourself

Stress is a killer when it runs out of control –

  • long periods of stress resulting from work or other pressures can cause high blood pressure leading to strokes and heart attacks

Meditation has long been known to have a profound effect on stress and will significantly reduce levels of “bad” stress.
It is a truly wonderful way to de stress.
One negative of meditation as a means to de stress in this time hungry modern society is that it takes time to learn and practice.
Once you have the techniques “under your belt” it can be used easily and is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Stress accumulates over time.  All the self induced stress from our negative language molds us and creates less than desirable habits that do affect uor capacity to operate as effective human beings.  A simple de stress technique is to take responsibility for your thoughts and self talk.  The positive self talk the more you will de stress yourself.  A simple example is instead of “I’m angry today!” why not rephrase that as “I’m not as calm or in control today as I’d like to be”.

What if you need to de stress in a hurry and don’t know how to meditate

This is where the hypnosis trick comes in handy.

This takes seconds to learn and can be done almost anywhere, except definitely never while driving or operating any form of machinery, and only takes a minute or two.

Do you know which muscles in your body are the easiest to relax?

If you said the eye muscles then give yourself a big pat on the back.

If you have ever been hypnotised you probably have already experienced this technique as it is a standard teaching.


Here we go – this is how you de stress

simply relax your eye muscles

as they relax you’ll feel your eyelids closing

the more relaxed they become the harder it is for you to open your eyes

really, really, totally relax your eye muscles and concentrate on how that feels

and notice that as you hold on to that relaxation that your eyes won’t open

(if you choose to open your eyes it means you have let go the relaxation of those muscles )

relax the eye muscles and see just how relaxed you can get them

become aware of the sensation of how good that relaxed feeling is     enjoy it

now allow that sense of relaxation from your eyes to spread

feel it flowing into your cheeks     over your scalp     your ears    your mouth

allow the relaxation to flow through all the muscles and bones and organs of your head

concentrating on the relaxation notice your thoughts quieten

focussing on the relaxation of your eyes allow the relaxation now to spread

through the muscles and bones of your neck and  shoulders

down your arms and to your finger tips   all relaxing

now down through your torso  

all your organs relaxed and floating in a warm sea of relaxation

your muscles    your spine    letting go and relaxing

then relaxing all the muscles of you lower back and hips

feeling the relaxation flowing down through and over your legs  

down to your toes  

enjoy the sense of relaxation as it is for you  

now allow your mind to focus on your breathing

breathe in  vitality and energy

breathe out any remnants of stress and tension

slowing your breathing     relaxing

allow your mind to become calm and still  

focusing now on a peaceful   tranquil time and place now in your mind

feeling all the sensations of relaxation as you enjoy your special place

remain in that totally relaxed place for as long as you wish

whenever you are ready slowly return to your surroundings

feeling refreshed and relaxed      revitalised


Do this several times a day and you will feel much less stressful.

Self hypnosis is a great way to de stress

This technique is a great way to introduce yourself to the art of self hypnosis.

Self hypnosis is a type of self guided meditation .  Hypnosis generally has a goal of changing something in your life and your can give yourself messages to help yourself beat stress while in self hypnosis.

A simple hypnotists tool of relaxing your eyes can lead you to total body and mind relaxation.
Visit Hypnosis with Chris if you’d like to know more.

I have a program called the 9 Minute Meditation which teaches more about ways to de stress without the need to do long meditation sessions.  One of the main ways to de stress is to practice relaxation often and the 9 minute Meditation Program is a great source of information and methods to do that.

You now have a neat little exercise that will de stress you wonderfully whenever you can use it.

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