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How to de stress is fun


Why not have some fun and destress quickly with
my free  Three by Three.

It works fantastically.

Don’t dare do it unless you want to feel better because once you do you can feel good, can’t you.

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Simple Approach How to De stress Your Life
Discover Relaxation through getting into the Flow.

You can avoid the need learn how to de stress by changing your approach to life.

It may sound contrary or even strange but by being active and engaging in activities that match your skill sets to the fullest,  i.e. high challenge and high level of skill, will give you the most satisfying life.   Use your current levels of skill and challenge as the base standard and and ensure you challenge your self to do better each time you do an activity.

Relaxation is easy when you are satisfied with your output at either work or play and being in flow or being in the zone is a natural way to de-stress.

You really need to know how to de stress if you have been involved in activities that are either above your skill levels  or are  below them.  You will become agitated if you attempt something beyond your skill sets or bored if it is too easy for you.

How often do you see a sportsman, operating in “the zone” or a worker thoroughly engrossed in the task at hand to the extent that nothing else seems to matter.

Imagine how good you will feel  if you mastered the ability, how to de stress your life, through becoming totally involved in activities in your life and feeling motivated and engaged whenever you were in the zone.

We all get there at some time and you should take time to appreciate what it feels like when you are in the zone or in the flow.  You can remember a time.  Can’t you?

Read my post about a very special Australian who lived his live in the zone, he was in flow and achieved so much.

Learn how to achieve it, being in flow or in the zone and what activities are natural for you.
I help people with this in my hypnosis work and also with my coaching work.

Tell us how you de stress here

De stress and have Fun
You can right now you know that. Can’t you?

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How to De Stress for Sleep | to sleep

Preparing To Sleep – How To De Stress Tips

By Chris Stanton-Cook    Google

Many people have difficulty getting to sleep these days. Although you may feel tired after a day’s activity you may suffer a sense of tension or anxiousness which makes it hard for you to fall asleep.

In this article I will outline a number of ways that you can use and that I use to help me to sleep and so you can prepare yourself for a great night’s sleep.  I have been prompted to write this article because of queries I have received here and on my hypnosis website asking questions like

  • How can I sleep when I’m so stressed with so much going on in my mind?
  • Can you help me sleep better?
  • I just want to sleep well when I get to bed.
  • Please help me to sleep and relax more.
  • Do you know any how to sleep better ideas?
  • Can you tell me how to de stress when I get tired because that’s when I’m least able to sleep?
  • Do you have any ideas to help me sleep at night?
  • I’ve heard that a hypnotist can show me how to go to sleep.  Can you show me?
From my library of personal experience and research here are my best tips on getting ready for and having a great refreshing sleep.
How to Sleep - how to de stress for sleep

Sleeping Like A Baby

1) Set a regular waking and bed time.
It’s a great idea to get up at the same time every day. Doing this will enable your body to function according to its natural cycle and you will know when it is time for you to sleep. Your body will give you tell-tale signals that it is time to take that much needed rest.
Endeavour to go to bed ready to sleep at the same time, plus or minus half an hour, every night.
It is important to develop this routine as our bodies have a natural rhythm for waking and sleeping. An alarm in the morning is an obvious trigger to wake up. You could also set a more relaxing and gentle reminder alarm to establish a trigger for preparing for bed.

2) Establish a bedtime routine.
Establishing a routine that you follow almost every night will condition your mind and body to go to sleep at the same time each night.
By doing this you will develop a habit that will set you up to have a better night’s sleep.

The routine could include having a bath, reading a book and listening to some quiet music or just taking time out to enjoy the view of the night sky or scene.

This type of behavioural pattern will become a habit and trigger your sleep response.

3) Learn to relax.
Being able to relax your body and mind is a powerful skill to have. It is also quite easy for most people to learn.

Learning how to de stress and prepare for sleep can be a lifesaver.
One of the simplest ways is to use the full body relaxation technique. This is simply a matter of lying on your bed and starting with your toes relax each muscle group as you move to the tip of your head. Then find the most relaxed part of your body and allow that relaxation to spread to the rest of your body.  Do this several times until you are so relaxed you almost feel part of the bed.  Focusing on your breathing as you do this will assist in obtaining a good state of relaxation.
Another way is to meditate.
Meditation should still your mind and by focusing on one particular thought or sensation you will quieten your mental chatter and with a little practice eliminate that shatter completely. Once your mind is cleared you should find it quite easy to release the stress and tension in your muscles.
At the end of your meditation a little self hypnosis trick of giving yourself an instruction to have a good night’s sleep can work wonders.

It’s interesting that lack of sleep is a significant cause of stress and stress causes sleep difficulties.  One feeds on the other so the circle needs to be broken.  Take action today and change your sleeping habits and improve your life with these simple steps.

Discover Self Hypnosis or Learn to Meditate

4) Where you sleep.
Your bedroom should be free from distractions and reminders of work and other stimulating activities. Establish an ambience that is conducive to a great night’s sleep.
Soft lighting and gentle music and greatly assist in setting the scene. If possible avoid having bright colours in your bedroom as they act to stimulate your mind.

It is not a good idea to use your bedroom for work activities or as your personal entertainment centre where you listen to energetic music, watch television shows that may be stimulating your mind or reading workbooks or newspapers that could create some form of stress or agitation.

Ideally your bedroom should be a sanctuary where you feel relaxed, comfortable and ready to sleep.

5) Some pre-sleep triggers.
> A mug of warm milk.
> A warm bath or shower.
> A light relaxing massage.
These have been found to help many people achieve a relaxed state and help them have sound night’s sleep.
It is preferable to avoid alcohol or stimulants for several hours before going to bed. Anything that acts as a stimulant will work against your attempts to get to sleep.

Have a glass of water to ensure your body is hydrated while you sleep.  You can minimise stress on you body by keeping fluid levels up while asleep as this is the time that you have an “internal clean out” to flush toxins and waste from your body.

6) Include exercise in your daily life.
The human body is designed to be active. Many of us now work in jobs where we get almost no activity at all. For your body to function properly, including sleeping, we need to exercise.
Set a schedule that ensures your body is moving for at least an hour a day. This could include activities like a walk around the block at lunchtime, climbing several flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator or walking down the hall to deliver a message rather than sending an email. If you have a family work out ways to get home earlier so you can spend some active time with your partner and children.
Exercise generates some positive physiological changes in your body and the release of hormones like endorphins will help you feel better anyway. Mild to moderate exercise should not cause your body undue stress and will assist you to sleep as your body naturally needs a period of time to recuperate.

Above we have looked at a number of ways that you can use to improve your chances of having a really great natural sleep. Give each or even all of them a go and work out which of them gives you a better night’s sleep.
I wish you many nights of pleasant sleep and sweet dreams.

Another article  here offers some additional options and views on the subject.

I have had to personally work through sleep problems and I use a mix of these methods and in particular the full body and mind relaxation tools and I have developed an anchor that once triggered has me asleep within seconds.

Learning how to de stress for sleep can give you back your life.


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Awareness and Presence

Truth and Life comes from Awareness and Presence

With awareness of self and presence in each moment of every day there is a tremendous gift to be taken by you everyday from the universe.

It is the gift of a full life.

A life lived in the shadows of the sub-conscious is a life missed.

A life lived without awareness and by not being present is one likely to be filled with unnecessary stress.

You can choose to exist on auto-pilot without conscious awareness and presence in your activities and this unfortunately will rob you of your life, it’s joys, it’s pains, it’s pleasures and it’s revelations on both the physical plane and spiritually.

Without awareness of self you cannot experience the full fruits of your existence.

What is awareness?

For the purpose of this article awareness means maintaining a conscious understanding and appreciation of your thoughts and sensations and your reactions to the situation you are in.

This doe not happen naturally as your subconscious usually takes control of many of these functions.  You will be amazed at the changes in your life as you strengthen your awareness muscles and the increased control you have over your life and the outcomes you seek.

Without presence in all situations you cannot share and appreciate each moment.

What is presence?

For our purpose presence means maintaining a conscious appreciation of your  environment and your interactions with those in it.  Once again this takes some practice and training and it doesn’t take long to realize that by “being somewhere else” you have missed a lot of opportunities in life.

The story of a single Dad

After the loss of his wife he was left to raise his young children and at the same time was working on building his career.

He would go to work in the mornings and allow his awareness to wander and his presence to move to where his children were.  He was existing in a world that he had no control and influence over.  While at work he spent a considerable amount of time concerned for his children’s well being.

As you can imagine his career path was significantly affected by his constant attention to matters outside his control while he was working.

Every evening he’d return home and relieved to be in the same place as his children he’d focus his awareness on what he’d not done at work.  This led to a loss of presence with his children and the home environment.

You have probably realized,  faster than he did, that this was a life growing in frustration and a lack of satisfaction.  He just knew inside himself that he was letting down both his children and his employer.   How could he fix it?  He did not know.

There was a simple solution.  He didn’t know what it was until many years later and after much stressful personal turmoil and anguish.

If you were to ask him today what he should have done he’d quickly say –

“Be aware and be present in the environment in which you are.  Don’t allow your presence to drift to another place and time and waste your energies on either the past or the future.  There is a time for memories; a time for dreams and plans; but, and it’s a big but, there is only now in your life and that’s where your focus should be; now is the only life you have for everything else exists only as memories or dreams in your mind”.

It’s a truism to say “better late than never” but his is a life that would have run a different course if he’d learned and understood how to live with awareness and presence much earlier.

Everyone is faced with stressful choices in life.  The stress will be significantly reduced by living in the present and being aware of what you are doing at that time and place.

Life with Awareness and Presence

Be Present and Be Aware - Live Life

There is a small blog at tumblr, It’s like this,  which is worth a read and I highly recommend it.

Please feel free to contact Chris if you’d like some assistance in this area.  He has been through this process, has tools to help you, can provide guidance though hypnosis and advice of reference materials and other techniques.

You can live a life of richness when you live it with awareness and in full presence.

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Relaxation - How To De Stress Key Is Productive Activity

A Key Relaxation and How To De Stress Element Is To Participate In Productive Activities


How To De Stress to a Relaxation Lifestyle Through Hard Work

A real example of relaxation and the power of how to de stress through leading a productive and generous life was set before me last week.

I attended the funeral of an extremely well loved and productive man.  While I did not know him as well as I would have liked I was aware of the fondness his local community had for him and the service he provided to them and his profession.

During the service I became more aware of the ‘busi-ness’ of his life and was astounded what he managed to achieve and how at all times he presented a relaxed and stress free life.  His profession was one in which stress, for most in it, is a daily and expected attribute.  He certainly knew how to de stress life and his professional activities.

I do not think he would have seen anything in his service to the community as a chore or anything other than a way to help others lead a better healthier life.  This was a case of a man who did what he loved and ‘never worked a day in his life’  because he thoroughly enjoyed his family, his professional life and his community service.

Organisation can deliver relaxation

I’m sure a key to his life was his ability to see what had to be done coupled with his ability to act on the important things.

What enables one person to lead a life that is such a great example to the rest of us?

I suggest, looking at his life, that these are some of the characteristics we should all aspire to hold-

relaxation and how to de stress

Relaxation - Love What You Do

  • humility
  • clear values
  • clear beliefs
  • gratitude
  • thankfulness
  • generosity
  • kindness
  • forgiveness
  • acceptance of others
  • clear vision
  • knowing oneself
  • self discipline
  • organisation
  • prosperous outlook
  • selflessness
  • awareness
  • service to others

I look at that list and am reminded of the teachings and basis of the religious texts I have read from a number of the major streams of religion.  I am reminded of people who have done wonderful things for the world or their local community or both.

I see joy and satisfaction and a desire to do more in the lives of those I am reminded of.

Perhaps you too can allow your mind to remind you of people who displayed these qualities.

They innately knew how to de stress and perform at their best

When you and I look at their lives it seems they were too busy to suffer from stress.  When and if they did they channelled that energy into productive pursuits.

Channelling that energy into productive service pursuits is surely a lesson in how to de stress your life too.

Relaxation and how to de-stress seem at odds with leading a busy and productive lifestyle.  It does however seem to me to be a significant key to relief of stress and living a relaxed life.

It is clear to me that this special man lived a life with minimal stress and one of relaxation by channelling stressful energy into his productive pursuits while engaged in a profession that was both demanding physically, psychologically and mentally.

Here is an example of how you can lead a life of happiness, relaxation and minimal stress by being busy doing what you love resulting in relaxation and a naturally de stress lifestyle.

I clearly see he was a man who was satisfied and relaxed because he lived his life in the ‘flow‘  where he was both challenged and was required to use a high level of skill.  Both these attributes were evident in his life.

I now know that being engaged in one’s life is a key element in how to de stress your life .

Energy flows through all of us and you get to choose how to use that energy.

That is one of the reasons I developed my interest in hypnosis and NLP.  These tools can help you take charge of your life and live a life that naturally relieves you of stress enabling you to work in a state of relaxation.   If you want to know more about this visit ProfiTrain or Hypnosis with Chris

About this man

I haven’t told you his name as that is something that he would not have wanted.  He led a life in which he did not seek recognition.   I also respect his family’s wishes that he be remembered as he lived his life – serving others for their benefit not his.

He was a medical practitioner of the traditional mold, still serving his patients well into his eighties and until he retired he continued to make house calls.

He was publicly recognised and  rewarded with an OAM (Order of Australia Medal) for his work.

His resume filled with medical and community service accomplishments make many other successful people’s look paltry.   He lived his life according to his choices and marched to the beat of his own drum.

His was a life that showed what can be possible with the right application of personal resources.  A wonderful model for others to follow.

Discover how to de stress and achieve relaxation through work you love

You don’t have to love your job but you do need to love what you do.

If you think you have a boring mundane unpleasant job then ask yourself who, in the wider community, benefits from your efforts.

This will often allow you to reappraise the value of your work and the satisfaction you gain from it.

For example a kitchen hand whose duties include washing up is really saving lives by reducing the chances of passing on diseases or contaminating food every time the washing up is done properly.

You may find some helpful information on achieving some of what you have read about above in an earlier post about relaxing your mental organiser and there you will discover more tips on how to de stress.

If you have any stories about people you know who have lead a life of relaxation without the need to know how to de stress then share them here.


P.S. Ensure you are the driver of ‘your bus’ in life. Conscious awareness of your thoughts and actions is an important aspect in how to de stress and achieve relaxation in your life.

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Meditation Relaxation Relief For Hypertension

This Meditation Relaxation post is not to be taken as medical advice.
It is a personal experience of the writer and reflects his views only.

To anyone who suffers prolonged stress do not ignore it. 
Stress it leads to many serious medical conditions for which you must see a Medical Doctor.
Stress has known profound and debilitating affects on your life and people around you.
See your medical practitioner for regular check-ups and change your lifestyle to ease pressures.

The Power of Meditation Relaxation To Relieve Hypertension

I have used self hypnosis and meditation for many years as a way to relieve my borderline hypertension as I’ll do just about anything to not have to take medication unless nothing else works.

Yesterday was a particularly stress filled day for a number of reasons.

relaxation stress destress meditate meditation meditation,relaxation,relax,stress,de stress,hypertension,relief,high blood pressure,blood pressure,hypnosis,mind,body

Rub It Out - To Relax Is Better

Something quite out of the ordinary and potentially damaging to my business happened when a supplier had to shut his doors because fraud, perpetrated against his business, exposed all his clients to risk. I had to hope all his best efforts worked so I could satisfy my clients needs and fortunately that happened.

I also spent a significant part of the day researching, you guessed it, “Stress”. What I didn’t realise at the time, and should have, was that I was telling my subconscious that I should be under stress. I must have typed or written the word stress several hundred times during that period. The now obvious foil would have been to write the word “Relax” also that many times, better if even more.

At the end of the day after visiting my affected clients and explaining what had happened and that it was now resolved I arrived home and just felt out of sorts.

I took my blood pressure.
Now that was a wake up – 198 on 112 and my pulse was certainly not excited at 58. That’s not good territory in anyone’s language.

Meditation Relaxation Mixed With Hypnosis
Is So Powerful

I immediately sat myself down in my special relaxation / trance / meditation chair. It’s great to have one place that’s anchored for relaxing. I did my favourite short relaxation and it took about ten minutes. It’s a mix of hypnosis and meditation and is a great way to release tension and quiet my mind.

I took my blood pressure. Now it was only 145 on 85 pulse 65. Now that’s still not back to my normal systolic but my diastolic was within my reasonable range. Checking again a couple of hours later I was 134 on 86 which is more acceptable.

This lowering of my very high hypertension level all happened by using a meditation relaxation process that took about ten minutes to do and was still working for me several hours later.
On waking this morning I was 142 on 86 and I’m sure when I take ten minutes out to have a relaxation session the top will come down further and hopefully I can get into the mid 120,s and stay in the mid 80’s.

I will not be moved from my strong belief in the mind-body or body-mind connection. This is a great example of the mind setting up the body to behave in a more healthy way.

Its easy to learn Relaxation Meditation and take control

relaxation meditation,massage, mind, body, destress de-stress, de stress

Meditation Relaxation Massages You



I will end this with a plug for a course I offer (a shameless plug) as an invitation for anyone who suffers from stress to join How To Relax Secret’s Meditation Academy. There you will learn techniques like the one I use. None of the skills taught in my program take more than 9 minutes to do, unless you are really enjoying the journey and you can spend as long as you want in your relaxed meditative state.



I repeat my advice from the top of this Meditation Relaxation post to anyone who suffers prolonged stress please don’t ignore it because it leads to so many ailments and has such a profound and debilitating affect on your life and people around you. See your medical practitioner for regular check-ups and change your lifestyle to ease pressures.

Learn strategies like meditation relaxation or self-hypnosis to enable you to have control of your stress and find peace of mind and in your body through relaxation meditation.

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A hypnotists de stress secret revealed

Hypnotist Reveals a Secret Used to De Stress Clients

This simple technique is used by hypnotists all over the world to assist clients induce a relaxed trance state and a relaxed trance state is a great way to de stress.

Stress is a state of mind that brings with it great benefits and also serious consequences.

de stress with hypnosis relaxation

I'm relaxed. RU?

Stress is a lifesaver when it occurs at appropriate moments in life –

  • when your life is threatened stress provides the needed impetus to save yourself

Stress is a killer when it runs out of control –

  • long periods of stress resulting from work or other pressures can cause high blood pressure leading to strokes and heart attacks

Meditation has long been known to have a profound effect on stress and will significantly reduce levels of “bad” stress.
It is a truly wonderful way to de stress.
One negative of meditation as a means to de stress in this time hungry modern society is that it takes time to learn and practice.
Once you have the techniques “under your belt” it can be used easily and is an excellent way to relieve stress.

Stress accumulates over time.  All the self induced stress from our negative language molds us and creates less than desirable habits that do affect uor capacity to operate as effective human beings.  A simple de stress technique is to take responsibility for your thoughts and self talk.  The positive self talk the more you will de stress yourself.  A simple example is instead of “I’m angry today!” why not rephrase that as “I’m not as calm or in control today as I’d like to be”.

What if you need to de stress in a hurry and don’t know how to meditate

This is where the hypnosis trick comes in handy. Continue reading

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The Assertiveness Ladder

Assertiveness shows control and self belief.

This work has been added to the reading because it will enable most readers to instantly apply the assertiveness ladder principles in their daily lives. 

Assertiveness does not require aggression or mean aggression. 

Assertiveness really is about knowing, understanding and holding your rights through mutual respect where you can declare powerfully your beliefs rather than resort to force. 

A significant difference between assertiveness and aggression is the emotional control that is maintained by an assertive person.

Using the assertiveness ladder

The assertiveness ladder is a process for using an assertive communication style in a specific situation to help decrease  stress.

Use the letters of the word “LADDER” to recall the steps.

L Look at your rights, what you want, and what you need. Define what you want and keep it in mind when you negotiate for change.

A Arrange a time and place to discuss the situation. You might skip this step in unplanned situations in which you choose to be assertive, such as when you receive the wrong food at a restaurant. Continue reading

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How To DeStress - Your Mental Organiser

How to destress by “Relaxing with a Mental Organiser”

How to destress and take control with a  5 minute personal daily plan and strategy. (Also read this)

Do you have a word or saying you use when you are under stress.   There a a few that come to mind at the moment and a couple of those aren’t really printable.

Often the way we lead our lives and even work to destress can lead to increased stress levels. I know I often get stressed while I’m supposedly relaxing – the relaxing activity becomes frustrating or boring.  Have you ever been distressed even when you’re supposedly relaxing – even feeling guilty for putting your feet up for a few minutes?   I know I do sometimes too.

Because stress is unavoidable in living and at times is essential to our existence, it is valuable to discover strategies to lessen and prevent trying incidents and lessen negative reactions to stress.

There are suggestions here that will enable you to break the distressing patterns and relax more  by using these  techniques to destress.

One thing accepted now about our unwanted feelings and tensions is that to deny them can be disastrous.  It is far better to experience the feeling and release it than bottle it up until it causes serious physiological damage. Not to allow yourself the time to destress can cause innumerable social, work and family issues and tensions leading to more stress.

There are some wonderful and simple techniques that can be learned to enable the release of these emotional time bombs.

Begin now to think often that to destress is bliss and practice relaxation techniques.

Managing time is a key in learning how to destress

Time management skills are able to allow you extra time with your loved ones and friends and perhaps improve your performance and productivity. This has to help you to cut your stress. Continue reading

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8 Easy Ways to Relax Before Bed

Most of the time it’s because you aren’t adequately relaxed enough to fall asleep and to sleep well. Here are 8 easy ways to relax before bed so that you can fall asleep quicker and sleep better.

Teas- One of the popular ways to relax before bed is to drink some relaxing herbal teas. There are many different types of herbal teas that you can drink to promote relaxation. The most common herbal tea for relaxing is chamomile tea. Chamomile has an apple-like flavor so it’s very easy on the palate. You can also try valerian, which is used as a sleep aid, kava-kava, which is used to alleviate anxiety and even peppermint tea to ease tension and stress. There are many different blends of teas out there to help you relax before bed. Just try out a few of them and see which ones you like the best and which ones help to relax you the most.

Wine- Many people like to have a glass of wine to relax before bed. A nice, sweet red wine is the most popular type of wine for relaxing before bed but only you can know which ones are best for you. If you don’t like red wine then, obviously, you aren’t going to want to Continue reading

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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation [PMR] is a relaxation technique of stress management developed by American physician Edmund Jacobson in 1934. This progressive muscle relaxation technique is focused on tensing and releasing tensions in the 16 different muscle groups. Jacobson reasoned that since muscular tension is usually followed as a by product of anxiety, one can lower and reduce anxiety by understanding and learning how to self relax those muscular tension. (McCallie et al., 2006)

Joseph Wolpe (Conrad and Roth, 2006 ) further adjusted this technique for use with systematic desensitization in 1948. Subsequently, both Bernstein and Borkovec in 1973 (Bernstein and Borkovec, 1973) came out with adjustments to the technique to suit cognitive behavioral stress management. Empirical proofs also supports the use of progressive muscle relaxation in high level tension responses and mind body techniques such as: irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, reducing tension headaches, adjunct treatment in cancer and chronic pain management in inflammatory arthritis.(McCallie et al., 2006)

Let us take a closer look at what exactly Continue reading

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